Our World, Our Music

General Information

Cultural-based approach:  Our World, Our Music is a cultural-based approach to delivery and content of the general education music appreciation course.  This approach also lends itself to multi-discipline humanities courses, through the inclusion of study of several historical, non-Western, and modern societies and cultures.  Examination of music in particular, the arts in general, and the societies that support them within a given culture aids students in developing global approaches to our world and its people.  Structured listening and comparative analysis support the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Listening:  Unlike most textbooks developed for the music appreciation course, Our World, Our Music does not ship with a collection of media containing recorded music.  Instead, the purchase price of the book includes a one-time use access code that provides students with four-month subscriptions to textbook's companion website.  Playlists associated with each chapter are accessible through the Student area of OurWorldOurMusic.com.  Course instructors have the opportunity to expand the selection of recorded music that they use in class and assign for listening, drawing upon the millions of recordings available on the internet.

Ancillaries:  Schools adopting Our World, Our Music receive a continually growing collection of ancillary materials that support course delivery.  Among these are:

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