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Cultural-based approach: Our World, Our Music is a cultural-based approach to delivery and content of the general education music appreciation course. This approach also lends itself to multi-discipline humanities courses, through the inclusion of study of several historical, non-Western, and modern societies and cultures. Examination of music in particular, the arts in general, and the societies that support them within a given culture aids students in developing global approaches to our world and its people. Structured listening and comparative analysis support the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Listening: Our World, Our Music provides online curated playlists on the textbook's integrated companion website, associated with each chapter's content.

Ancillaries: Schools adopting Our World, Our Music receive a continually growing collection of ancillary materials that support course delivery. Among these are:

· Classroom presentation materials that aid in daily delivery of the music appreciation class. These internet-based materials provide an organizational framework, aligned with the students' textbooks, that supports multiple learning styles. Additionally, pre-made presentations provide a common core content, helping to assure that multiple sections of a single course are delivered, instead of multiple courses with a single title. Instructors may use the classroom presentations as a common foundation upon which to build their class plans and content.

· A turn-key online music appreciation course that integrates into most learning management systems (LMS). This ready-to-use course allows colleges and universities to quickly, easily, and immediately integrate their music appreciation course into premade formative and summative assessments, all branded for the host institution.

· A course content delivery calendar that suggests a weekly plan to aid instructors in mapping out a schedule for content delivery to fit a variety of session and semester lengths.

· A list of objectives, by chapter, to aid the instructor in preparing to teach the course, or to serve as a resource in the preparation of documents that may be required for a variety of reporting purposes. Adopters may freely use these objectives as needed.

· Prepared playlists and test documents for use in Listening Tests. These playlists and LMS-integrated test documents allow instructors to easily incorporate listening content into chapter tests.

· An integrated electronic grade book that is preconfigured for the resources that accompany Our World, Our Music, automatically scoring assessments, placing scores into the institution's LMS grade book, and computing grades in real time.

· The Pronunciation Assistant supports both students and instructors. Since Our World, Our Music presents music from many of our world's cultures, pronunciation of some of the music's titles or of composers' or performers' names may be unfamiliar. The Pronunciation Assistant offers interactive web pages that provide opportunities to hear some of these terms and names spoken aloud by simply pointing and clicking .

· Opportunity to have additional material posted for students via integration of the textbook with the institution's LMS. Instructors may include additional content for students, without copying or printing expense.

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